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Customized Comfort designed to fit your needs, your desires, your goals, your pressure tolerance. This session will draw upon the gamut of modalities that I have learned in my practice, along with intuitive body intelligence, to give you exactly what your body and mind need to experience a therapeutic change.

Worker's Relief enjoy a 60 minute session that will focus solely on the feet and the full upper body, including whole back, arms and hands, neck and scalp;

Prone Full Body sometimes you just want to lay there for the duration of your session and not have to worry about being disturbed to flip over. This session allows you that luxury to drift away and not move until the end of your session, and hopefully catch a few zzzz....

Feather Strokes this is a nerve awakening massage session that will totally dissolve mental and emotional stress and tension with the slightest of touch. Feather or nerve stroking is a technique used in the traditional Swedish massage modality, but this session takes it to the next level, as the entire session will be performed with these strokes. This session is performed with the sheet draped over your body the entire time.  You will lie in both supine and prone position. Highly recommended for tightly wound and high strung or high stress individuals. This is a 60 minute session only.

Pull and Stretch a session wholly devoted to stretching and myofascial joint traction. This is guaranteed to improve flexibility and elongation of muscle fibers to prevent spasms and locking of joints. It is added into a regular session for the last 15 or 20 minutes.

Prenatal Massage safe for expectant mothers after 12 weeks of pregnancy. This session is done using the side lying methods with wedges and support pillows for comfort and safety. Many mothers have raved about my prenatal sessions and how great they felt afterward. Getting massages while pregnant will help to keep swelling down, soothe away aches and pains associated with pregnancy and just make the load more bearable.


**Hot Towels used in every session

Tapping & Progressive Relaxation  a special session that incorporates two bodywork modalities to actively release muscle tension and calm anxiety. Therapist leads you through a full body Progressive Muscle Relaxation followed by Emotional Freedom Tapping technique. This can be an intense session that draws out negative energies to bring you into energetic homeostasis. Guided breathwork is also incorporated to help you to focus your intention on the moment and the exercises and experience the internal changes your body is making. During the EFT portion you will be asked to repeat a few sentences related to a current hardship or stressor in your life that is causing anxiety, illness, negative thoughts or fears and the like. The session concludes with a foot massage and craniosacral work. 60 minutes $85 





Classic (Swedish), Deep Tissue, Sports, Myofascial Release Technique, Prenatal, Shiatsu/Acupressure, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, Passive/Active Release Stretching, Integrative Neuromuscular, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy.


                                                       Premium Services


Ear Candleing a gentle service to remove built up wax in the ear canal. Recommended once a month and you will never have to clean your ears the conventional way again. $45 for a 45-minute session (15 minutes on each ear). Also includes a 15 minute neck and scalp massage.

Aromatherapy choose an aroma therapy treatment using an infusion of essential oils and coconut oil during your massage session for just $10 more. Oil will be rubbed into the soles of hands and feet, and on your back and chest at the completion of the the massage. You will also be asked to take deep breaths inhaling the aromas of the oils.

Lemon & Baking Soda Foot Scrub this is a refreshing spin on a foot scrub. Instead of salt or sugar based scrubs, this scrub is made from a baking soda and lemon paste which are great for exfoliation while also killing off foot odors and fungus. This is also a natural detoxifier. The feet will be wrapped in warm towels for ultra indulgence.

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